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School Programs

Inter-house sport competition: This takes place once in a year. Various competitions are held including field and track events such as relays, football and longĀ  and high jumps.

Speech and prize-giving: This is a day of the year where the school showcases the performing arts and talents of the students before their family

Interactive sessions and open days: The interactive sessionsĀ  afford parents the opportunity to participate in their children’s development at school, which is invariably interlinked with their development at home, both of which are vital for overall growth and stability of the child. The interactive session is used to take parents through what the pupils will do in class during the term, and how they can assist at home. The open days are days in which parents come to the school to go through their children’s academic records to get a measure of their performance

Qur’anic recitation competition: The school organises Qur’anic competitions for its pupils on a termly basis to help them revise all they have memorised, as well as to test how firm their understanding of what they have memorised is.3