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Curriculum & Assessments


Our curriculum is a blend of the standard-based national curriculum with the British Cambridge curriculum. The blending was done with the aim of providing a broad, balanced and relevant program of study for all categories of learners. We focus on critical links between knowledge, processes and strategies, emphasizing effective critical thinking, as well as the use of a wide range of teaching methods and learning strategies to support learners of all categories. We strive to foster an enthusiasm for learning, with the understanding that continued learning is important to living in the modern dynamic world, which encourages every pupil to reach the highest possible academic standards.

In addition to the curriculum stated above, we developed an Islamic based curriculum which consists of the Quran, Arabic and prophetic teachings, in order to develop the moral aspect of learning in our pupils throughout their stay in the school.
Information technology is integrated into all the curriculums and is used by teachers to support and extend learning.

Islamic curriculum

The aim of Islamic education is to produce:
⦁ A student who is God conscious
⦁ A student whose role model is The Prophet (SAW)
⦁ A student who is conscious of his/her goal in life
⦁ A student who is capable of fulfilling his/her social responsibilities
⦁ A student who has high morals and values
⦁ A student who has a broad and balanced education
⦁ A student who can distinguish right from wrong and be a productive citizen

Extra-Curricular Activities

We offer many and varied extra-curricular activities in which students can participate, including sports, clubs, growing crops, animal husbandry and excursions to places of interest such as museums, industries, banks and hospitals. The children are encouraged to make the very most of the grounds, with lessons and play taking place inside and outside the classroom all year round. We ensure that both boys and girls adhere to the Islamic dress code while taking part in variety of sports.


During school hours, English will be the official lingua franca spoken by teachers and pupils. However, during Arabic and Quran classes, there will be strict adherence to Arabic as the language of communication and instruction by the teachers and pupils.


Inter-house sport competition: this takes place once in year. Competitions in football, variety of races, relays and jumps are been held during the event.
Speech and prize: This is a day of the year where the school showcases the performing arts and talents of the students, before their parents, relatives and outsiders.
Interactive session/Open days: Parent’s participation in their children’s development at school and home are invariably interlinked and vital for overall growth and stability of the child at home and in school. The school uses the interactive session to take parents through what the teachers will do in class for the whole term, and how they can assist at home. While the open day is a day in which parents come to the school to go through their children’s academic records to get a measure of their performance.
Qur’anic recitation competition: The school organizes Qur’anic competitions for its pupils on termly basis to help them revise all they have memorized and as well test how firm their memorization is.


During the course of the school term, teachers will closely engage with both nursery and primary school pupils in order to determine each pupil’s strength and style of learning; this will enable the teachers provide them with the targeted support. At intervals, the pupils will be given assignments and will undergo tests to further measure their areas of strength and also identify areas they need improvements. At the end of the term, only primary school pupils will be required to undergo formal exams.